Eek! Almost a month since we showed a sign of life here. The reason for that is that there's not too much going on, but at the same time a lot is happening too. With about 3 weeks to go of our stay, we've been thinking a lot about our life here compared to our life in Belgium.


Our life here is good, let's be clear about that. We enjoy being together with our family, sharing many good moments, walking by the beach nearly every day, working in the chicken pen, etc.
But some things are really, really hard to. Really integrating here will probably never happen, we will always remain the 'toubab' who's the outsider to local life here.

Language is one thing that's stopping us from integrating further. If we would stay longer, really learning Wolof beyond the default sayings is essential.
But really making 'friends' who value you for the person you are (and not the wallet you carry) remains, in our experience, a tricky business. While this might sound blunt, it's core to our experience over here. Many people approach you in a very friendly manner, but often that conversation ends with a question about money.

So developing 'deeper' social interactions is something we're lacking here, we don't really have a true sense of belonging after 5 months - which we don't regard as a good or a bad thing. It's part of the experience, and for sure part of something we learned!

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