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It was only one day the protests reached Mbour, the nearest city to where we are. On that day, all shops near the main road were closed - it was a bit of an odd feeling. Luckily, nothing happened near to us.

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Last week, there was some public uproar in Senegal. It was mostly the public 'against' the existing government.

4 months in, time is really passing by rapidly and ... truth be told ... we haven't really updated much here!

2 years later, we revisited this place. Almost all signs of building a resort of any kind are taken down. The place feels abandoned ... maybe one or two little buildings were put up, but that was about it. Odd.

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Last week, Stien's teacher was ill a few days. Interestingly enough, all children were sent home from school because there was no teacher.
Could never imagine something like that in Belgium!

We're currently trying to figure out how to extend our visa, as our initial tourist visa expired after the first 90 days.
Since we have about two months left, we need to make sure all paperwork is done well in time.

Well over 3 months in, it feels like we're settling down a little more now. However, we had this feeling too some weeks ago and it wasn't quite the case.
In any way, we're learning a lot about our personal and family values.

Visited le île de Sangomar yesterday. Interesting story, as it used to be connected to the mainland. The sea is literally eating the shoreline here, causing an ever increasing distance between the coastal town Djiffer and what remains of the Sangomar island.

Also, we're (Liesbeth especially) increasingly able to express ourselves in Wolof - or at least get the general gist of what people try to say. This helps a lot, and shows how crucial it is to learn local language when moving abroad.

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Stien and Roos are really picking up French now, although it's Senegalese style French - it's quite something to hear Stien compose little French sentences to express herself.

It's been a while since we've updated here! We're still here - trying to find our 'place' in a culture which is sometimes very different ... which doesn't always make it easy, but we're learning a lot as we go along!

2 months in now! Time keeps flying by but we try to make the most of it and live in the 'now'.

Stien and Dries ate/drank something bad during our stay, and suffered from some severe stomach issues the past days. It seems to be stabilising again now ... to some extend it's surprising it took about 2 months for it to happen 🙂

'Family time' might sound strange, but truth be told - it's not always easy to find the balance living together with other people in the house. So it felt really good to just be out and about with the four of us, not having to justify actions or discuss everything.

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Last weekend, we spent two days a little further down south - near Palmarin and Djiffer. A very nice and quiet environment, with some very welcome family time with the four of us.

Yesterday we ate our first chicken which we raised ourselves. Tasty for sure, yet sparking some thoughts about meat consumption and how it differs here compared to home.

Today was the first time I (Dries) got to prepare the Ataya tea ritual for some of our friends. Felt quite nice that they let me do it, since normally we (the white ppl or toubabs) would be regarded as guests and there would be no way we’d be preparing tea ourselves.

Chickens are sold at 2500 CFA a piece at the moment, unless someone buys larger quantities at once.

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After leaving our pen, they were transported to the defeatherer, who charged 100 CFA / chicken to be processed (intestine and feather removal).

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Today we processed our first chicken orders.
Hopefully it wasn’t traumatising for Roos and Stien ... 42 dead chickens in one go was quite the sight.

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