Two weeks ago I noticed that the person playing accordeon near the train station exit is a hoax. Wireless speaker in a trolley and pretending to play along, meanwhile collecting money from commuters. Since I've spotted the hoax I've been wondering what an appropratie, ethical, response to this could be.
Sending in police or security is not part of the options for me. So far, giving the person accordeon classes is the best idea that bubbled up.

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☝️Presentations by and from our latest Salon in Berlin on #PublicInterestTech are up!


I almost called someone out for assuming yesterday.
I was in line to ask my daughter's teacher a question, this other person storms in stating "yeah, I've been here before - unlike you it's not my first time here and I just have a quick question". I was stunned and flabbergasted about this power move. Hopefully I'll find the words and courage to react next time something like this happens.
Never. Assume.

Three sticker ideas that have been haunting my head lately ... just placeholders for now ^_^

Love letters for computers -
I've been a fan of the Hello Ruby series since the first book and look forward to try out some of these activities with my own children soon!

Didn't even get to show the final slide. The meeting debrief was so-so ... but the support I've been getting from various places is heartwarming.

Final slide for today's PhD commission meeting. Let's see if I still feel the same in a few hours from now...

With that in mind, I'm heading off to a PhD follow up meeting today. I'm always very anxious about these meetings ... but I'll enter it with a forward looking mindset.

And so the new schoolyear begins. My youngest daughter left kindergarten which feels rather weird but once again a confirmation to look to the future.

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@card10badge I'm curious to find out what 'side led' you had in mind to populate the pcb with. The KiCad file states 'china:side-LED' ... which is still rather cryptic ^_^

I was super excited to deliver this talk on my 'draw the internet' project at last week. Happy to see the recording online now too -

Left neuland yesterday, cold turkey back to the office today. A lot of stuff to digest still ... such a good time. Also, I miss chaos post already.

Excited to deliver my lightning talk at 13h25 (Meitner tent) on my 'draw the internet' project I did earlier this year. Come say hi!

In the 3 years that I started running today was the first time I had to abandon the run before the 1st km. Stinging pain between my shin and my foot, I hope nothing persistent.

These are the stickers I'm taking to - head over to Fri3d Camp Village to trade!

Always the same story, I postpone paper writing for too long ... and when I get going decently (which always is a long long process) I'm enjoying it tremendously.
Guess I'll just have to deal with that is the way my brain works.

"The more we express ourselves, the less power we have"
I like how this paragraph manages to capture the essense of why being aware of and concerned about online privacy is important.

I'll be doing a lightning talk at on my 'Draw the internet' project I did earlier this year. Come say hi!

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