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@aral in case you're sticking around Belgium (hence I saw your name as speaker at this other gig in Belgium later this week) and would be up for getting some ppl together for a site.js intro or something - I'd be happy to organise ad-hoc ^^

Charlotte De Witte techno rave tonight. I wonder if I can still do it, we'll see about that tomorrow ^^

Revisiting an old favourite to wind down tonight.
wordt het moeilijk dan bijt ge door
en ik ga alles doen om niet kunnen falen of mijn fouten te herhalen want ik heb het aan mezelf beloofd

Fri3d Camp CfP has been softlaunched! fri3d.be.
It'll be the fourth Fri3d Camp edition, a family friendly hacker/maker/diy camp in Belgium.

Got my brother in law to pick up a @card10badge side LED over the weekend. It's always nice to push ppl in at the deep end of a community they're not familiar with - changing perspectives.
Thanks xhain card10 crew for welcoming him ^^

My 8 year old explained the card/boardgame Dominion to me yesterday and I am still digesting how she actually manages to comprehend this. Totally enjoyed playing the game too though ^^

November. I'm starting to think about my top 5 tracks of this year ... which will once again be though when scrolling through this year's longlist ... open.spotify.com/playlist/01aa

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"Don't fade from old pain and return to present pain. Guest here awhile."
Taken from Marge Piercy's 'woman on the edge of time'.

A few weeks ago my sister gave me a onesie for my 36th birthday. It took me some time, but I totally dropped all prejudices I used to have about the onesie garment type - it's near to perfect (note : for indoor use).

@card10badge do you have any pointers on which led type can be used best to solder to the unpopulated 'flashlight' pad?

PhD manuscript closing quote candidate:
"I used to want you dead but now I only want you gone -- GLaDDOS"

The opening quote really is on point;
Do it out of pure passion and you’ll find what you’re supposed to find in this.
Do it honestly, passionately and with real intention.

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But, one thing is certain, the nagging PhD voice needs to be banished out of my head or everyone can come visit me at the psychiatric ward in a few months.

I find this type of communication super hard, mostly because I've been struggling so much with finding the right momentum/energy/mindset for writing up this PhD work. It needs to be done.

I had been crunching on an email the whole weekend because I couldn't find the most appropriate words to say I didn't make my paper draft deadline because I took care of my children last week. Decided to be honest and shared the draft bits I had.

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