Preparing slides about microcontrollers in making. Is there anything that would have made it easier for you to get started? Is there anything nobody told you, but it was super important?


@bleeptrack things that come to mind:
- what is a bootloader
- not all pins have pwm
- 5v vs. 3v issues
- single thread (on a higher level, in arduino delay() just stops everything else)

@bleeptrack also a clear example about pull up and pull down resistors (also the niceness of having them integrated on the IC oftenly) would have made a lot of things clear to me when I was starting off. It's something I always have to look up ...

@dries @bleeptrack oh yes, pull up/down resistors were something I was definitely very confused about, especially when set to the pull-up mode direction and you wonder why your pin is high although you didn't do anything with it

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