Writing camp day 1 statistics. Fresh material, mostly unedited.


Day 3, consolidated count of multiple chapters - also structured a new chapter and created many additional figures. Also involved some keynote archeology.

Day 4, slow start - but still managed to complete a first draft of my concluding chapter.
Tomorrow I'll focus on finishing a paper I never completed for whatever reason.

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Day 5, which basically was just a half day. Got a bit taken away by reading comments, which were written with best intentions by my supervisors but did get my mind going in dark places (my problem). Managed to get through it though and rewrote part of a paper/chapter. Last half day tomorrow, hope to move on where I left off today!

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Day 6, which was about 4 hours long. I squeezed about 1000 words and restructered chapter 4 in order to make it tie in better with the claims I made in the introduction of the paper.

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All in all, I'm satisfied with the outcome of my little . It gave me energy to continue pushing at the phd work, and get it over and done with. I'll probably continute to allocate blocks of 2-3 days to get the writing done in the coming weeks. Can't wait to share the consolidated draft folder with my supervisors.

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