After almost 3 months taking my children to school every day and being treated as a museum exhibit while doing so, today it was just too much.
I really couldn't cope anymore with being called out with the same questions, every, single day. Obviously I made an utter fool of myself while getting caught up in the moment ... and probably just made it worse now.
Is this what they call reverse racism?

For context : we're living in Senegal with our family for a couple of months. At the moment "the new" is starting to wear off and it's not always easy ... learning as we go.

It really touched me that they called me out like that, I even proposed to do a few runs back and forth with the motorbike to take more children to school ... yet the damage was already done.

I once again made a fool of myself, as I probably should just have left my daughter waiting for the bus with the other children.
Obviously the bus arrived 5 minutes after we left with the motorbike.

In hindsight, I totally understand the local people's reaction. Everyone is, probably, concerned about getting their children to school on time. Yet, I have the choice to take the motorbike and drive my daughter to school. By doing so, I only confirmed white privilege ... which I'm really regretting now. It feels like reality just slapped me in the face with a concrete brick.

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