It was quite a mental leap for me to pick up on the pre-covid ritual of making packed lunches. In all honesty, I don't want "it" to start weaning off.

Mashing up some recent keyboardland trends in a new macropad design.
Doing this to keep my mental sanity together in odd times.

Figured sticking this ISO 8601 sticker on our cargo bike was an appropraite nerd joke.

Day 5, which basically was just a half day. Got a bit taken away by reading comments, which were written with best intentions by my supervisors but did get my mind going in dark places (my problem). Managed to get through it though and rewrote part of a paper/chapter. Last half day tomorrow, hope to move on where I left off today!

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This might not seem like much, but collecting all my phd related writings in chapters and folders to prepare for a full dissertation draft meant a lot to me over the past days.

It still doesn't really matter what the actual result of all this will be, just having it bundled together it what I'm after now.

Day 4, slow start - but still managed to complete a first draft of my concluding chapter.
Tomorrow I'll focus on finishing a paper I never completed for whatever reason.

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Day 3, consolidated count of multiple chapters - also structured a new chapter and created many additional figures. Also involved some keynote archeology.

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Evolution of a hybrid Product Service System design framework. A hexaptych.

Writing camp day 1 statistics. Fresh material, mostly unedited.

Suitcase for the week. Reference works, good keyboard & clothes.
My mindset feels good, let's go.

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@th inspired by your tradfri hacking ... ikea just launched the frekvens led matrices, I think they need some hacking too ;-)
I hope to get a few this week, let's see what we come up with.

After managed to get a hires scan of this iconic Flanders' Technology image, I immediatley turned it into a sticker. Also wrote some reflections about the image ...

"Don't fade from old pain and return to present pain. Guest here awhile."
Taken from Marge Piercy's 'woman on the edge of time'.

How I've been spending this week's evenings with my children. *honk honk*

As my children grow up, one of the things I miss most is 'baby'wearing ... this is a photo taken in 2012 when my oldest was 2. Good, cozy, times.

Three sticker ideas that have been haunting my head lately ... just placeholders for now ^_^

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