Happy to see there are still people making super nice products out there. The Beeline Velo 2 works super well, hope I can get it to pair with multiple devices though.

Testing this installation at Middelheim museum today! An attempt to make visitor feedback more humane … preliminary conclusion … work on progress

Flashing (black/gray) display in a store 

Finally spotted the e-ink price tags updating at my local supermarket (Belgium) ... interesting how they start flashing slowly, then increase speed before the prices appear.

Randomly revisiting Chaplin's great dictator speech. Interesting how much deeper it touches compared to the last time I watched it.

Preparing a keyboard workshop I’m really excited about will drop at this year’s Fri3d camp (www.Fri3d.be) - first tests with this little pet project done yesterday.

Happy to have some daily @bleeptrack in the room!
Finally fixed my JOTO after many months.

Loafing and lubing switches in the Austrian mountains.

I refuse to buy into the latest 'playground' pop-it / simple dimple hype.
But I do enjoy finding these diy crafted youtube based alternatives around the house.

Added a fan duct to my Velleman k8400 3d printer this morning. Really wonder why I didn't do that before, print quality is sky rocketing ... even on this 'old' machine.

Glad to see Offscreen back. One of the magazines I really enjoy in all aspects, article lenght, look and feel ... even the smell.

Favourite new breakfast ... Senegalese couscous (thiéré) with an orange and semi skimmed milk.

It was quite a mental leap for me to pick up on the pre-covid ritual of making packed lunches. In all honesty, I don't want "it" to start weaning off.

Mashing up some recent keyboardland trends in a new macropad design.
Doing this to keep my mental sanity together in odd times.

Figured sticking this ISO 8601 sticker on our cargo bike was an appropraite nerd joke.

Day 5, which basically was just a half day. Got a bit taken away by reading comments, which were written with best intentions by my supervisors but did get my mind going in dark places (my problem). Managed to get through it though and rewrote part of a paper/chapter. Last half day tomorrow, hope to move on where I left off today!

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This might not seem like much, but collecting all my phd related writings in chapters and folders to prepare for a full dissertation draft meant a lot to me over the past days.

It still doesn't really matter what the actual result of all this will be, just having it bundled together it what I'm after now.

Day 4, slow start - but still managed to complete a first draft of my concluding chapter.
Tomorrow I'll focus on finishing a paper I never completed for whatever reason.

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