After managed to get a hires scan of this iconic Flanders' Technology image, I immediatley turned it into a sticker. Also wrote some reflections about the image ...

"Don't fade from old pain and return to present pain. Guest here awhile."
Taken from Marge Piercy's 'woman on the edge of time'.

How I've been spending this week's evenings with my children. *honk honk*

As my children grow up, one of the things I miss most is 'baby'wearing ... this is a photo taken in 2012 when my oldest was 2. Good, cozy, times.

Three sticker ideas that have been haunting my head lately ... just placeholders for now ^_^

Final slide for today's PhD commission meeting. Let's see if I still feel the same in a few hours from now...

These are the stickers I'm taking to - head over to Fri3d Camp Village to trade!

"The more we express ourselves, the less power we have"
I like how this paragraph manages to capture the essense of why being aware of and concerned about online privacy is important.

I've been thinking a bit about this quote I read in last week's Guardian Weekly. I like how it applies to a tangible 'place' like a room or a building and not necessarily to the whole constrcut 'place' like an area or a country.
"You don't have a home until you leave it and then, when you have left it, you never can go back."

Well played blizzard, well played. With the upcoming launch of wow classic, it's interesting to see how tempted all the vintage players close to me are ... (including myself)

6 crates. The fundament to making a a better sorted workspace.

Last paper girls issue. I thoroughly enjoyed reading every issue during my train commutes.
All new comic suggestions welcome!

"Heb Lief"
_translated : "love"_
Spotted in Berchem, Belgium.

Last week I discovered a park I never knew existed at 15 mins from my front door. "Park Frijthout" in Hove (Belgium). It's been open to the public for over a year, but I somehow missed it before.

Yes, 5 y/o daughter - I agree we needed this in our life.

"Stats for nerds" ... what the actual f*** youtube?

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