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I've been willing to move my personal website off wordpress for a while. I hereby commit to doing that, or at leas trying it, over the christmas holidays.

"Ge kunt pissen op de system of ge kunt er iets aan doen. Ik zal blijven vechten voor mijn rechten, als'k iets doe dan doe'k het goe."
-- ZG - Grijze zone.

@intherain will also be in touch about the family friendly hackercamp I briefly talked to you about ;-)

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@intherain thanks for the excellent workshop & guide material - I enjoyed it!

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After trying it a couple of times on my own, I'm super happy to finally 'get' MQTT after a workshop at

So my wife discovered she can play dungeon keeper on her laptop. It's been rather silent the past hour.

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After managed to get a hires scan of this iconic Flanders' Technology image, I immediatley turned it into a sticker. Also wrote some reflections about the image ...

While putting the book away, I found a note I wrote near the beginning. It states :
_Passion Matters_

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Time to sit down and structure these thoughts a bit. This thread was mostly a notes to self.

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I have no idea how this true sense of togetherness could be reconstructed back in society. Some online efforts (like mastodon) are super valuable in this, as the relationships are built on trust instead of exposure.
But why did it take me 6 months to discover a super nice boardgame shop 5 minutes from my physical front door? Why did it take me 6 years to discover a fellow parent waiting at the schoolgate could help me in building a mysql driven web prototype?

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The utopia described in the book where community living reigns made me think back to our stay in Senegal so vividly. At the same time, our friends in Senegal crave for a 'western' lifestyle, which hurts. We have lost so much of our communal values, the personal interest is always a dominant part of the mix. Whereas in Senegal, people actually care for each other from the true bottom of their hearts, which is a cry I heard emerging from Piercy's book.

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The core takeaway for me is, once again, a confirmation of the sheer relativity of it all. Lives should not be lived or prescribed by others, it is a lot about taking concious personal agency and doing things with real intention. This is bound to fail and many walls will be hit, but it's about pushing on and discovering what you as an individual like doing and allows you to sustain the people close to you.

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I finished reading Marge Piercy's 'Woman on the edge of time' this morning. This novel left so many impressions behind, I still can't get over the idea that it was written in 1976 and hold so much 2019 truth.

TIL *A perpetual project*
- We should not expect to finish it.
- We can only begin it and continually renew our commitment to it.

"Tie wraps and duct tape is what keeps society together"
-- OH at Belgian Championship Powertool Drag Racing.

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