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This might not seem like much, but collecting all my phd related writings in chapters and folders to prepare for a full dissertation draft meant a lot to me over the past days.

It still doesn't really matter what the actual result of all this will be, just having it bundled together it what I'm after now.

Day 4, slow start - but still managed to complete a first draft of my concluding chapter.
Tomorrow I'll focus on finishing a paper I never completed for whatever reason.

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Fri3d Camp public tiket sale is live! If you want to experience Belgium's finest, family friendly, hackercamp - now would be the time.

Day 3, consolidated count of multiple chapters - also structured a new chapter and created many additional figures. Also involved some keynote archeology.

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Insertion of letters between all the images is ongoing, in case anyone noticed their absence.
Maybe I'll have to redo the drawn models, or maybe not ... I quite like their exploratory, shabby, drafty feel.

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Evolution of a hybrid Product Service System design framework. A hexaptych.

My mother tends to be the person I send stuff to to check if it makes sense for someone who's only mildly interested in the topic. Let's hope her enthousiasm radiates to my phd commission members...

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Finished a draft chapter at writing camp, sent it to my mother - who read it instantly and sent me spelling corrections.
Onwards to the next chapter! Let's get this done.

"Het groeit wel terug" (translates to : it will grow back) - one of the stronger on point statements in a while regarding the current state of society and consumerism.

Writing camp day 1 statistics. Fresh material, mostly unedited.

Also : I can't be more grateful all people who stick up and keep supporting me in this process. This will need a longer word of thanks at some point ;-)

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Suitcase for the week. Reference works, good keyboard & clothes.
My mindset feels good, let's go.

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Finishing the damn thing will be the only way for me to find peace of mind. It doesn't really matter that much if I get the actual degree (I regard that as a handy side effect), I just need some bundled writing which consolidates my thinking and work of the past 10 years.

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Spending a week in London, where I'll be focussing on piecing together a good chunk of my thesis text. In order to get it done, I'm super grateful to A who is hosting me in her house and will be keeping tabs on my writing process/progress.

Hey livestream team, all mics are left open after the talks. It feels a bit odd being able to listen in on private conversations once q&a finished.

What I like about it mostly is the mundane way the writer goes about with high tech, managing to introduce complex ideas in a rather 'obvious' and humane fashion.

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Some weeks ago I read a short story by Robin Sloan. Since it keeps coming back to my mind, I scanned my copy. It's a short read, but it resonated really well with me.

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