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Loafing and lubing switches in the Austrian mountains.

It took me a while, but finally sat down and set up PiHole today. After some network wizardry, the install went like a breeze.

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Small Is Beautiful (live stream)

When: Today, 5PM Irish Time

On our first stream via Owncast, join us to see a demo of Domain, a work-in-progress tool to make setting up your own Small Web site as easy as signing up for a Big Web service.

K's Choice "Believe" was released in 1998, I was 15 years old.
Only yesterday, the lyrics to that song seemed to sink in properly.
Holding on and on to Theories of prosperity.

I refuse to buy into the latest 'playground' pop-it / simple dimple hype.
But I do enjoy finding these diy crafted youtube based alternatives around the house.

Spent the afternoon / evening putting together a Rapsberry Pi Zero "High Quality" webcam. I ended up using the 'showmewebcam' project, which - after the usual diy maker issues - works perfectly!

Added a fan duct to my Velleman k8400 3d printer this morning. Really wonder why I didn't do that before, print quality is sky rocketing ... even on this 'old' machine.

Started a 3d print this morning, had some cooling issues ... here I am printing cooling ducts for the printer before retrying the initial print.

Glad to see Offscreen back. One of the magazines I really enjoy in all aspects, article lenght, look and feel ... even the smell.

TIL when using Arduino as ISP ... don't connect to the hosts's 'reset' pin but actually read the code.
The default is to connect pin 10 on the host board to the reset ICSP pin on the target board.

Favourite new breakfast ... Senegalese couscous (thiéré) with an orange and semi skimmed milk.

Back on the mastodon track, I hope. What I love about my little instance here is that I can use it as a personal mini diary without it being too public. At the moment, that's what I'm looking for since the birdsite works too much on feeding my dopamine levels.

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In hindsight, I totally understand the local people's reaction. Everyone is, probably, concerned about getting their children to school on time. Yet, I have the choice to take the motorbike and drive my daughter to school. By doing so, I only confirmed white privilege ... which I'm really regretting now. It feels like reality just slapped me in the face with a concrete brick.

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I once again made a fool of myself, as I probably should just have left my daughter waiting for the bus with the other children.
Obviously the bus arrived 5 minutes after we left with the motorbike.

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It really touched me that they called me out like that, I even proposed to do a few runs back and forth with the motorbike to take more children to school ... yet the damage was already done.

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A few weeks remain of our stay in Senegal. Unexpectedly I was once again confronted with white privilege this morning.
Every morning my daughter takes the bus to school, today the bus was late ... so late that school had already started. I decided to walk home and take her to school using the motorbike. When picking her up at the bus stop, I got called out for not respecting solidarity.

For context : we're living in Senegal with our family for a couple of months. At the moment "the new" is starting to wear off and it's not always easy ... learning as we go.

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After almost 3 months taking my children to school every day and being treated as a museum exhibit while doing so, today it was just too much.
I really couldn't cope anymore with being called out with the same questions, every, single day. Obviously I made an utter fool of myself while getting caught up in the moment ... and probably just made it worse now.
Is this what they call reverse racism?

The PhD aftermath is starting to sink in. It feels liberating and I'm ready to embrace uncertainty.
During the next few months I'm exploring future steps and directions, let's see what's on the horizon.

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