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That feeling when you plug in the pool's water pump for the first time after winter ...

Happy to hear some new sounds by Olivia Belli, always soothes my mental state.

I attempted to launch (langzaam means slowly in Dutch) during peak pandemic, but it never really took off.
I'm so ready to attempt a re-launch. The time feels more ripe now.

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Last night I had the huge pleasure of discussing WAYS OF BEING with Brian Eno, someone I obviously admire greatly. It was a good chat, and you can watch it here:

Worked from 'under a tree' in a park yesterday, I'm now trying to remove all tree resin from my keyboard.

Preparing a keyboard workshop I’m really excited about will drop at this year’s Fri3d camp ( - first tests with this little pet project done yesterday.

I switched to Tidal music in February. Today I have the first idea the algorithm is starting to understand my eclectic musical taste.

(Zick Zack)
"Schlauchboot basteln aus den Lippen
In die Wangen, in die Stirn
Botox rein bis ins Gehirn"

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"Zukunft kann man nicht beschwören
Duldet keinen Aufenthalt
Erschaffen und sogleich zerstören"

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Totally not my 'go-to' music style, but the lyrics to several of the new Rammstein album tracks are just so spot on.

Not really sure if they enjoyed it after all (I did ^_^), but it was the first time I saw my children trying to read and understand an English comic. It’s something.

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Free Comic Book day today and I can’t wait to take my daughters to the comic shop for the first time. Truth be told, they’re rather indifferent about the trip themselves.

Longing for today's long run. 2+ hours or unsolicited brain defrag time.

I used to be super enthusiastic about maker events and tinkering with things … but somehow that fire went away. I wonder why, and I’m looking for embers to restart the fire.

Was out in the garden at 6AM hiding Easter eggs. Saluting all parents keeping the storytelling alive and happy Easter to those who celebrate.

I've rented the pirates of the barracuda bay lego set (21322) for the Easter holiday.
It's hands down the best lego set I ever built. So much detail, so many interesting build techniques.

Back to mastodon. Always realise this is the type of thought dump I need, but I always derail again to the birdsite because dopamine.

Happy to have some daily @bleeptrack in the room!
Finally fixed my JOTO after many months.

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