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Just signed up to join my first actual RPG play session ... it only took me 38 years.

It’s June and my family is making Christmas plans. How’s your Saturday?

I really liked the last one, giving your userbase the tools to engage in dialogue with people / entities / organisations who question aspects of the product you build.

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3 key ingredients to designing privacy aware systems by
- Embrace technology
- Full transparency
- Facilitate dialogue

Testing this installation at Middelheim museum today! An attempt to make visitor feedback more humane … preliminary conclusion … work on progress

A fresh foster parenting chapter started today in our family, it’s been a while but let’s see how we get on.

Flashing (black/gray) display in a store 

Finally spotted the e-ink price tags updating at my local supermarket (Belgium) ... interesting how they start flashing slowly, then increase speed before the prices appear.

You know you’re on your way to a running event when you need to queue up at the toilet inside the train.

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Brussels 20k tomorrow. Still my favourite large event run to date. Really looking forward again!

Wanting to pull the plug on all initiatives I’m actively committing to after this summer. At the same time it feels like fleeing temporarily, but I’m unsure what I’d be fleeing from.

Question from a 9-year-old : why do idioms exist if you can just explain what you mean using regular words?

Randomly revisiting Chaplin's great dictator speech. Interesting how much deeper it touches compared to the last time I watched it.

That feeling when you plug in the pool's water pump for the first time after winter ...

Happy to hear some new sounds by Olivia Belli, always soothes my mental state.

I attempted to launch (langzaam means slowly in Dutch) during peak pandemic, but it never really took off.
I'm so ready to attempt a re-launch. The time feels more ripe now.

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Last night I had the huge pleasure of discussing WAYS OF BEING with Brian Eno, someone I obviously admire greatly. It was a good chat, and you can watch it here:

Worked from 'under a tree' in a park yesterday, I'm now trying to remove all tree resin from my keyboard.

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