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I really liked Caterina Barbieri's work already, but her new album just tops all of the things. I'm not sure what to think when I'm listening to it, what I do know is that I look forward to go running with this in my ears.

It happened yesterday and it was the best. We played through 'labyrinth' and my 11 y/o joined in as well. Thanks to the most excellent GM Toon VDP for taking us on this journey.

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Album arrived on vinyl today, I'm literally crying about the crispness of this recording. Hope to someday catch this live, or listen to the recording on an insanely hi fidelity system.

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These past days, I've often been willing to engage with stuff I see on the birdsite. Having to consciously hold back is hard, but standing strong.

Read elsewhere : "Transaction vs. Connection".
Although it was mentioned in another context, it made me think many tech bro's want to move towards having everything as a transaction, leaving out space for messiness and humanity. Suppose we'd look for systems based on connection, it would make more sense to me. Although I'm still in the dark about what that could be.

Happy to see there are still people making super nice products out there. The Beeline Velo 2 works super well, hope I can get it to pair with multiple devices though.

"Blijf je één met de kudde, ga je op herders hopen"
-- Stikstof - L'UNIVERS

The video recordings are just too good to be true. Harpishord, MOOG and gut strings in the

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Max Richter drops an update to his already great Vivaldi Recomposed. So ready for this.

Just signed up to join my first actual RPG play session ... it only took me 38 years.

It’s June and my family is making Christmas plans. How’s your Saturday?

I really liked the last one, giving your userbase the tools to engage in dialogue with people / entities / organisations who question aspects of the product you build.

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3 key ingredients to designing privacy aware systems by
- Embrace technology
- Full transparency
- Facilitate dialogue

Testing this installation at Middelheim museum today! An attempt to make visitor feedback more humane … preliminary conclusion … work on progress

A fresh foster parenting chapter started today in our family, it’s been a while but let’s see how we get on.

Flashing (black/gray) display in a store 

Finally spotted the e-ink price tags updating at my local supermarket (Belgium) ... interesting how they start flashing slowly, then increase speed before the prices appear.

You know you’re on your way to a running event when you need to queue up at the toilet inside the train.

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