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Had the best of small random chats yesterday with someone who also has vitiligo - sharing some experiences of what it's like to live with the skin condition etc.
Not that it bothers me at all in my day to day life, but it was nice to speak freely about it and question some else's experiences.

On the verge of going all in for the Belgian family friendly hackercamp
Ticketshop remains open until Sunday August 7th -

I think my Fri3d Camp workshop is going somewhere ... managed to get the PCB working thanks to - BLE 4x4 macropad, here we are!

Obviously, minecraft for raspberry pi worked straight away ... but that was not what my 11 year old was after. The whole Xbox account thing was ... being persistent. But we now have a family account, with permissions and everything.

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For reference, MultiMC launcher solved most of my issues. Together with the Fabric mod.

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Installing minecraft on a raspberry pi 4 ... it would be easy they said. But ok, it seems to be working now - custom launchers, textures, xbox accounts. Another maze solved!

I'm in the mental and financial position again to support one of my favourite newsletters - by @inevernu
Good to be back, looking forward to interact more once again.

Today marks the day my espresso machine died.

So, an untracked package was delivered to my door while I was on holiday. It's a vinyl record, which has been soaked in rain. The cardboard cover is wrinkled, which is a pity ... but much worse is the actual vinyl, which got warped. Anyone reading this who ever tried to unwarp vinyl, I'm all ears.

Started cue based journaling some days ago. I’m now using stoic app for this, I must say it works really well for me. In combination with regular runs (min 3x per week) this is a way to give me peace of mind and give me the right level of reassurance.

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I really liked Caterina Barbieri's work already, but her new album just tops all of the things. I'm not sure what to think when I'm listening to it, what I do know is that I look forward to go running with this in my ears.

It happened yesterday and it was the best. We played through 'labyrinth' and my 11 y/o joined in as well. Thanks to the most excellent GM Toon VDP for taking us on this journey.

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Album arrived on vinyl today, I'm literally crying about the crispness of this recording. Hope to someday catch this live, or listen to the recording on an insanely hi fidelity system.

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These past days, I've often been willing to engage with stuff I see on the birdsite. Having to consciously hold back is hard, but standing strong.

Read elsewhere : "Transaction vs. Connection".
Although it was mentioned in another context, it made me think many tech bro's want to move towards having everything as a transaction, leaving out space for messiness and humanity. Suppose we'd look for systems based on connection, it would make more sense to me. Although I'm still in the dark about what that could be.

Happy to see there are still people making super nice products out there. The Beeline Velo 2 works super well, hope I can get it to pair with multiple devices though.

"Blijf je één met de kudde, ga je op herders hopen"
-- Stikstof - L'UNIVERS

The video recordings are just too good to be true. Harpishord, MOOG and gut strings in the

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Max Richter drops an update to his already great Vivaldi Recomposed. So ready for this.

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